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Navigating social media during your Florida divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | DIVORCE - Divorce |

Social media is the primary way Florida residents keep up with friends, family, and their extended community. If you’re going through a messy divorce, social media can give your ex an unwelcome insight into your personal life.

Be careful about venting on social media

It’s not uncommon to use Facebook or other social media platforms as a place to vent about the divorce. This can be quite cathartic, but it can also further complicate your divorce.

Your ex be less willing to negotiate if they see you complaining on social media. It’s not just you venting on social media either – mutual friends on social media talking or commenting on your divorce might also impact how your spouse negotiates with you.

Change all of your privacy settings

It’s essential to change your privacy settings to the highest level. Anything that you post can be used against you by a spouse in divorce proceedings. For example, posting about getting a raise might encourage your ex to ask for higher alimony payments.

You should also recommend that your friends and family that are still mutual with your soon-to-be ex-spouse also change their privacy settings. You should also ensure that any friends of your ex, or their family members, are restricted from seeing your posts.

Consider removing social media all together

If your divorce is complicated, you should consider taking a hiatus from posting or sharing things on social media. This can reduce the risk of your ex discovering something they shouldn’t.

No one can blame you for turning to social media to connect with your friends during this difficult time. That said, it’s important to keep your privacy at the forefront of your mind through the divorce process.