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Supporting Your Child And Your Parental Rights

Your relationship with your child is one of the most important in your life, and you want to protect both that treasured relationship and provide your child with the support they need to thrive. When the end of your marriage or legal matters arise within your family, it can be easy to lose sight of what matters the most – your child. However, seeking experienced guidance can help you put your child’s needs at the heart of your legal strategy.

At Gurley Law, P.A., our attorneys understand that decreasing your stress and the strain that family law matters place on your children can be key to preserving your family relationships. Our diligent family law attorneys will work to support your child’s best interests and efficiently resolve your child-related disputes. We help families in Palm Harbor and the surrounding area negotiate fair solutions for their child-related matters and create agreements that support their child as they grow.

Helping Families Work Toward Fair Resolutions

You know your child and their needs, and we will work directly with you to understand those needs and help you build a time-sharing or custody arrangement that supports your child as they grow. A balanced time-sharing agreement can protect your relationship with your child and help them maintain a strong, supportive relationship with both their parents.

Courts frequently order mediation as the first step toward child custody and support decisions. Our attorneys have the skill and knowledge necessary to help you negotiate a time-sharing or custody arrangement with your child’s other parent. In fact, attorney Heather L. Gurley is Florida Supreme Court certified as a mediator. Mediation may also allow you to reduce conflict with your child’s other parent and lay the groundwork for a stronger co-parenting relationship in the future.

We also understand that you cannot always resolve your concerns through negotiation and are prepared to support your child’s needs throughout the process. Both of our attorneys have acted as guardian ad litem in complex child-related matters.

Take Steps To Protect Your Relationship With Your Child Today

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