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Boundaries stepparents should avoid crossing

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | FAMILY LAW - Divorce |

A stepparent in Florida might struggle to understand their place in a blended family. In most cases, the stepparent doesn’t have an equal say in parenting the children. It’s often because the biological parent and the children have a different type of relationship. There are some boundaries that a stepparent should accept and try not to cross. Below are some behaviors that a stepparent should avoid.

Being jealous of the stepchildren

A stepparent might feel threatened by their spouse’s relationship with the children. The stepparent might even try to force their spouse to ignore the children’s need for attention. A stepparent in this situation must understand that the spouse and the children have a bond. And it’s possible that the divorce has created an even stronger bond. Giving the children love and attention doesn’t equal less love for the stepparent.

Trying to replace the other biological parent

A well-intentioned stepparent sometimes tries to take the place of the children’s other parent. Behavior such as this can cause the stepchildren to resent the stepparent. No matter why the original marriage ends, the stepchildren will likely love their other parent and get angry if anyone tries to take their place.

Saying bad things about the other biological parent

Badmouthing the ex-spouse in front of the stepchildren is never a good idea. If the stepchildren engage in said behavior, the stepparent can listen and offer emotional support. The stepparent should think twice before engaging in negative talk with the stepchildren.

Engaging in physical punishment

A stepparent might think that spanking is a good form of discipline. But that’s a line a stepparent should avoid crossing with their stepchildren. Tempers get out of control, and that’s when it’s time to walk away.

Creating a strong stepfamily

A positive relationship between the stepparent and the stepchildren is important. Mutual respect and understanding will contribute to the success of the new family.