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Why divorces occur

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When couples marry, divorce might be far from their minds or plans for the future. However, marriages dissolve, as family court records in Florida indicate continually. Some spouses may struggle with their decision to file for divorce and work to save the union. Yet, there are compelling reasons why one or both spouses may choose to file for divorce. Some of these reasons repeat themselves in divorce proceedings across the state.

Reasons for divorce

Spouses that suffer from repeated abuse might find it necessary for their physical and mental health to end the marriage. Physical abuse jeopardizes people’s lives, so divorcing such an abuser seems necessary to preserve their safety. A restraining order might be required even after the divorce concludes.

Abuse takes other forms besides the physical. Verbal, emotional and financial abuse may put a spouse through tremendous suffering. Exiting a psychologically abusive marriage could help a victim’s mental state.

A partner who suffers from alcohol or drug dependency brings many problems to the household. Someone chained to chemical addictions may not provide anything positive to the relationship and may embrace other behaviors that cause harm, such as becoming abusive, neglectful or irresponsible.

Of course, adultery may destroy a marriage. Cheating on a spouse violates the union and could ruin all trust between spouses.

Lesser realized factors for divorce

A spouse might file for divorce in Florida because a partner has become disinterested in the marital union. Lack of communication and a growing distance between the partners might erode a marriage.

A spouse that no longer worries or cares about maintaining a household or planning for the future could become an anchor on a partner. Passive disinterest in retirement planning or caring about other responsibilities reflects selfishness, a trait that only harms a marriage.