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How parents can help their children deal with divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | FAMILY LAW - Divorce |

Children whose parents are divorcing can struggle in many ways as they adapt to the changes brought about by the dissolution of their parents’ marriage. Parents, however, can offer support, guidance and space to help their Florida children during this transitional period.

You are still one family

You are still one family

While the parents might no longer be together, the children need to feel that the family remains united. This can help children feel more secure and remain more stable. Some of the things parents can do to show their children that the family remains the priority include:

• Prioritizing family time, so that the parents and children can share time together doing an activity such as eating a meal together or going to the movies

• Speaking to each other in a civil, warm manner so that the children are not witnessing constant fights between the parents

• Offering each other support to encourage a positive parenting relationship since this will benefit the children

• Joining together for special events such as birthdays, graduations and other celebrations

• Speaking positively about the other parent to the children and encouraging the children to continue a good relationship with the other parent

Creating a safe, supportive environment for the children

As parents go through the process of ending their marriage, they should also offer the children a safe, supportive environment where they feel stable and loved. This can be done by ensuring that the children can continue with their routines and interests as much as possible, such as by continuing their extracurricular activities. Parents should also consistently and often tell and show their love to their children by spending time together and chatting with them, answering their children’s questions about the divorce.

While everyone in the family will be affected by the divorce, protecting the children’s well-being should remain a priority. Parents can do this together, even when they are struggling to get along.