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Child custody and addiction concerns

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Battling problems with substance abuse becomes a daily struggle for millions of people. Those who overcome an alcohol or drug dependency problem may try to move their life in a positive direction. However, lingering issues related to such struggles might complicate their life. For example, anyone seeking child custody in a Florida courtroom may have to address the concerns that a judge may have about their potential relapse.

Child custody and substance abuse rehabilitation

Anyone who successfully underwent a rehab program and remains sober may need to present such proof to the court. Routine drug tests that show clean results could work in the parent’s favor. Sometimes, the other parent might be malicious and make false claims, but a drug test’s results will tell an accurate tale. Providing the results as evidence during a child custody case might work in a parent’s favor.

If substance abuse issues previously led to legal problems, such as arrests for possession or petty theft, staying out of trouble with the law is advisable. Anything that shows the parent intends to put drug issues behind could be beneficial.

Current substance abuse problems

The afflictions could complicate child custody decisions when a parent currently suffers from drug or alcohol dependency problems. The court would doubtfully award custody to someone with a drug or alcohol problem due to the dangers posed to the child.

That does not mean a parent would automatically be unable to see the child. If a parent is not abusing or harming the child somehow, the family law court judge might award visitation rights to the struggling parent. The judge might approve supervised visitations to keep the child from suffering physically or mentally.

The court focuses on the child’s safety and best interests. Any parent dealing with substance abuse issues must understand this fundamental point.